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eLearning at BRCC

Online & Hybrid Learning

At Baton Rouge Community College, we understand that our students lead busy lives, and it is our goal to provide various learning opportunities to meet those needs.  eLearning classes (both fully online and hybrid) provide an opportunity for students to plan their learning around their busy lives, while still meeting the rigorous demands of college courses. Contact us at to discuss your options.

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What is the difference between “Hybrid” and “Online”?

In an online course, all of the course assignments and activities are completed online, while hybrid courses combine the best features of online and face-to-face learning environments.

Hybrid or “Blended” learning includes some required on-campus class meetings (at the discretion of the instructor), with most course content online.    Hybrid courses include face-to-face sessions that retain the social dynamic and community built in the classroom, but decrease scheduled class and commuting time for students.

Are eLearning classes right for you?

Only you can determine if eLearning classes will be a good fit for you.  In order to be successful in eLearning classes, you will need access to a computer, time to complete schoolwork, self-determination to be active in the online classroom, good organizational skills and a minimum level of technology literacy skills. BRCC provides an eSkills orientation test that must be taken and passed (by earning at least an 80%) before you are eligible to register for an eLearning class. Once you have successfully completed the eLearning Entrance Exam with a score of 80% or higher, email to request that your scores be processed. Remember to include your L number in your email as the score cannot be processed without it. You will receive an email once your scores have been processed, typically by the next business day.

Before you register for any course, make sure it is appropriate for the degree or certificate you are pursuing. If you are not sure, check with an academic advisor.

BRCC is now offering the following certificates fully online:

Accounting Technology Certificate of Technical Studies
Business Technology Certificate of Applied Science
Customer Service Certificate of Technical Studies
General Studies Certificate

In addition, you can earn 75% or more of the credits online that you need to graduate in the following certificate and degree programs:

Associate of Science/Louisiana Transfer Degree in Biological Sciences
Business Technology Associate of Applied Science (Entrepreneurship Pathway)
Business Technology Associate of Applied Science (Management Pathway)
General Science Associate of Science
Liberal Arts Associate of Arts