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Welcome to Dual Enrollment at BRCC

What is dual enrollment?

Dual enrollment is a program that provides reasonable opportunities and mechanisms for appropriately qualified high school students to benefit from postsecondary education and training while enrolled in high school. High school students who enroll in BRCC’s dual enrollment courses can earn high school and college credit(s) simultaneously.

When high school students select BRCC as their dual enrollment partner, they officially begin their academic journey to successfully obtain a certificate and/or college degree.

What are the benefits?

Which courses can I take?

High school students can register for any course in which the prerequisites are met. BRCC does not limit high school students to any courses, as long as seating is available for the desired course. To learn more about course offerings, please speak with the student’s high school counselor or the Office of Dual Enrollment.

Am I eligible?

High school students wishing to enroll in general education courses must have a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Those wishing to enroll in technical education courses must have a minimum 1.5 cumulative GPA. Each course has a specific set of prerequisites that may include ACT or College Placement Test scores that must be met in order to qualify for enrollment.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete and print BRCC’s paper application
  2. Gather all materials needed to submit paper application and obtain all signatures needed on the application
  3. Submit application/materials to the Office of Dual Enrollment
  4. Complete the online application 

For more information on BRCC’s  dual enrollment program, click here.