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For greatest success, please review the Testing Center guidelines below.  Questions can be addressed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 225-216-8038.


Before you arrive:

  • Review/Practice - visit http://www.act.org/compass/sample/ for sample Compass test questions.  It is strongly recommended that you take time to review/practice before taking the test.
  • Pay Fees - The BRCC application fee includes Compass testing for the first time.  After that, there are additional fees to re-test if needed.  Non-BRCC students pay a separate fee to take the Compass test and use their scores at other schools.  Be sure to pay any necessary fees at the Bursar's window in the Bienvenu Student Center before reporting to the Testing Center or fees may now be paid online.  Click here to pay Compass Test fees online.

Please bring: proof of identify - must present valid picture ID (valid driver's license, student ID, passport, military ID, or other approved form of picture ID) and proof of payment for the Compass test.  Students without a valid picture ID will not be allowed to test.


Please do not bring:

  • electronic devices - power off all electronic devices prior to entering the Testing Center
  • graphing calculators - scientific and standard calculators only
  • back packs, purses, or other bags.  There are a limited number of lockers that you can use to store your material, but BRCC does not take responsibility for any missing or forgotten items.  You are not allowed to have these items with you in the testing area.
  • food or drink - no food or drink is allowed
  • caps or hats - these items will have to be removed and left in the lockers.


The Testing Center will provide:

  • a quiet atmosphere for testing
  • assistance with login for COMPASS testing
  • printed copy of COMPASS test results
  • pencil and scratch paper (if needed).