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“What should I bring to the Testing Center?”

  • Proof of Payment – If you are taking a COMPASS, CLEP, Work Keys, or any other Non-BRCC instructed test, you will need to provide proof of payment for our testing fee. More information about fees can be found on the main Testing Center page.
  • Proof of Identify – Testers must present a valid picture ID (valid driver's license, student ID, passport, military ID, or other approved form of picture ID).  Students without a valid picture ID will not be allowed to test.



“What is not allowed in the Testing Center?”

  • Electronic Devices - Power off all electronic devices prior to entering the Testing Center.
  • Graphing Calculators - Scientific and standard calculators only (unless otherwise instructed)
  • Back Packs, Purses, or Other Bags.  There are a limited number of lockers that you can use to store your belongings, but BRCC does not take responsibility for any missing or forgotten items.  You are not allowed to have these items with you in the testing area.
  • Food or Drink - No food or drink is allowed.
  • Caps or Hats - These items will have to be removed before entering the Testing Center.



“What will the Testing Center provide for me?”

  • quiet atmosphere for testing
  • Assistance with login for COMPASS testing
  • Printed copy of COMPASS test results
  • An approved calculator (if needed)
  • Pencil and scratch paper (if needed).



“What is the COMPASS Placement Test?”

The COMPASS test is an untimed, computerized test which gives our advisers and counselors relevant information that allows BRCC to place students on the most appropriate academic path.



“How much does the COMPASS Test cost?”

  • COMPASS Test for BRCC Students - $20.00 for Full Test*, $7.50 for 1 part.
  • COMPASS Test for Non-BRCC Students - $20.00

*Your initial COMPASS test fee is included in your $10.00 application fee (current BRCC students only).  Be sure to bring a copy of your receipt for your application fee.



“Are there any study resources available to help me prepare for the COMPASS Test?"

ABSOLUTELY! Students are strongly encouraged to review/practice before scheduling an appointment to take the COMPASS test.  To access practice materials, visit for sample COMPASS test questions.  There are also additional preparatory materials in Word documents at the bottom of this web page.  These documents include live links to materials.  Please take time to review these materials prior to testing. Our research shows that students who take time to prepare are far more successful than those who do not.



“I just took the COMPASS Test and wish to retake it.  What should I do?”

If you want to retest, you will be required to meet with staff of the Academic Learning Center prior to retesting and you are only allowed to retest once. Don't waste your first attempt by coming in without preparation. If you are unhappy with your initial scores, be sure to take the time to review our study materials before retaking the COMPASS Test.  Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from the Academic Learning Center (also located in the Magnolia Building).  They are here to serve you!



“I’m trying to schedule an appointment for my COMPASS/CLEP test, but it asks for a “course” and “instructor.”  What should I do?"

Just put “COMPASS” or “CLEP” for those blanks depending on which test you are taking.  Students taking instructor-assigned exams must put a course and instructor, but this does not apply to other types of tests.



“Where on campus is the Testing Center located?"

We are located on the first floor of the Magnolia Building.  Check out the map below.  The green boxes are nearby parking.


Map For Testing Center


Any other questions or concerns should be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Or feel free to call us at 225-216-8038.