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BRCC Traffic and Parking regulations are issued and enforced by the college’s Department of Public Safety.  These regulations enable vehicle movement and parking on campus to flow smoothly and safely.  All faculty, staff, students, and visitors are expected to adhere to these regulations while operating a vehicle on-campus.  

Parking Permits
Students, faculty, and staff members parking on campus must register their vehicles and obtain a parking permit through the Office of Public Safety.  Students seeking to obtain a parking permit must first purchase the permit at the Bursar’s Office, and then present their purchase receipt, B-number, driver’s license, vehicle’s registration, and proof of current insurance to the Department of Public Safety to receive their permit.  Once a person enrolls as a student, he/she is obligated to park only in designated student parking areas. 

Parking permits (also referred to as “hang-tags”) are properly displayed when hung from the vehicle’s rear view mirror with the permit information facing the windshield (note that merely laying your permit on the dash is not considered proper display).   The permit should be clearly visible and free of any obstruction (windshield stickers, sun-visors, etc.).  By the start of the first official day of classes for each term, a valid BRCC parking permit must be properly displayed in the vehicles of students, faculty, and staff at all times while parking on campus. 

To avoid being ticketed or towed, visitors are encouraged to stop by the Office of Public Safety in the Bienvenue Student Center to obtain a visitors/temporary parking permit, particularly if they will be conducting business on BRCC’s campus over the course of several days.

While on campus, drivers who park vehicles outside of designated areas or without a valid BRCC parking permit properly displayed may be issued a ticket, have their vehicle towed, and/or be assessed a fine.  Fines must be paid by the end of the semester at the Bursar’s Office.  Unpaid fines will result in holds being placed on a student’s record, preventing them from registering for courses, obtaining grades, requesting transcripts, and accessing some BRCC services.


Many of BRCC’s traffic and parking rules are based on standard traffic rules and regulations that all licensed vehicle operators should know, such as:

  • obey all traffic-regulating signs, painted roadway directions, marked lanes, and arrows
  • observe posted speed limits
  • do not park in reserved areas (handicapped zones, Faculty/Staff Only zones, etc.) without proper authorization
  • do not park illegally, as on a curb, on a lawn, in a walkway, or in an area marked “no parking”
  • do not block driveways or handicapped access ramps.

In addition to universal traffic and parking regulations, there are also common-sense rules that drivers are expected to adhere to while on campus:

  • Do not obstruct the flow of traffic by stopping in your car to talk with pedestrians or other drivers in a roadway.  This includes “pulling over to the curb” (or similarly parking to one side of a lane of travel), as your vehicle still hinders traffic flow because others must now drive around you.
  • Do not stop and wait in crosswalks, streets, or roadways in order to pick up passengers…you must park in a valid space or use designated pickup/dropoff zones.
  • Do not occupy more than one marked parking space.


BRCC North Garage
Faculty, staff, students, and visitors are encouraged to utilize our parking garage to avoid parking in restricted or reserve areas, such as handicapped zones, loading zones, or walkways.  The parking garage features an elevator and three stairwell entries for your convenience, as well as emergency phones and video cameras located on all five levels.  The parking garage is under video surveillance and is monitored by the Department of Public Safety.

Driving and parking in the garage require observing additional rules:

  • Garage lanes on all floors are considered to be roadways:  follow all directional paintings/markings, marked lanes, etc., and do not obstruct traffic flow or block parking spaces by stopping to talk with pedestrians or other drivers…even by “pulling to the side.”
  • Do not reverse-park (rear end first) in the garage’s slanted spaces: not only are you forced to hold up traffic when you maneuver your car to park in such a manner, you also are forced to drive against traffic flow when you initially exit the space.
  • If you park on the up/down ramps in the garage, do not turn into the flow of opposing traffic when exiting the parking space in order to go down immediately.  Ramp parking spaces require you to advance up to the next level before exiting.


Appeal of Citations
An appeal of a parking/traffic citation must be made within seven calendar days from the date that it was issued.  Tickets must be appealed by the person to whom the citation was issued.  Before starting the appeals process, all fines on a student’s account must be paid.

Appeals must be submitted by using the current form posted on the BRCC website.  Any diagrams, photos, or other supporting documentation must be submitted with the initial appeal.  Written statements from witnesses are permitted and should also be included as documentation with the initial appeal.

Be clear when writing your appeal and provide sufficient details so that the circumstances and location can be accurately recreated by the committee.
Vague or poorly-worded appeals hinder the committee's ability to review your situation and will result in your appeal being denied. 

An appeal requires sufficient grounds – a good reason – in order to be considered.   The following grounds are unacceptable and will result in your appeal being automatically dismissed:

•    Unawareness of standard driving laws and/or BRCC Traffic and Parking Regulations
•    Tardiness to class, meeting, or other appointment
•    You or other drivers not being cited/towed for similar previous offenses
•    Inclement weather
•    Inability to pay fine
•    Operation of your vehicle by another person
•    Operation of another person’s vehicle by you
•    Permission to park was given by someone other than a BRCC Public Safety Officer
•    Alleged inability to find a valid parking space

Appellants will be notified in writing (EMail or letter) of the appeal committee’s decision.


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