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The Jewelry
 Seven pieces of jewelry maximum – count gold or jeweled buttons as jewelry
One earring per ear – should be small, not dangling
Watch – dress, not sports
The Hosiery
 Neutral colors only: taupe, off black, navy, off white – avoid textures
The Suit
 woman sittingA business suit – matching jacket and skirt – is most appropriate – is preferable to a dress 
Pant suits may be acceptable; however, if you are not sure, wear a skirt and jacket suit.
Should be conservative color – solid or small pattern – black, navy, gray, brown, taupe
Should fit – not too tight or too loose; avoid fabrics that wrinkle easily, such as linen
Blouse should be conservative to medium color – not bright color
No short skirts – hem should be longer than mid-thigh!
The Shoes
 Closed toe ONLY! No sandals – even those with heels
Heels 1½ inches to 2 ½ inches high - conservative colors only – no gold, silver, red, etc.
No “spiked” heels – should be comfortable for walking
The Purse
 Carry either a purse or briefcase – but not both – should be neutral color
A nice portfolio containing a note pad and extra copies of your resume may be carried with purse
The Make-up/Hair
 Less is more
Go easy on the blush, eyeshadow and lipstick
Wear little or no perfume
If hair is longer than shoulder length, wear pulled back from face
The Jewelry
 Less is more
Wedding band/watch is sufficient
Small and simple cuff links are acceptable
The Socks
 Nice, thick material; dark, solid or small pattern
Long enough to hide leg hair when legs are crossed
The Suit
 man in suitGenerally in business environments, a suit is more appropriate. However, research the company/organization to determine most appropriate dress. 
Expensive is not necessarily better in terms of a suit – should be proper fit, however!
Wool at least 55%; medium to dark colors, solids or conservative stripes
Jacket length: should pass “finger curl test”
Tip of jacket sleeve should fall 5 inches above tip of thumb when thumb is extended down
Shirt: pastels, solids, and conservative stripes are acceptable
Shirt sleeve: should extend one half inch below jacket sleeve edge
The Shoes
 Should be leather; should be lace-up; should shine, shine!
The Tie
 Small, repetitive pattern or solid – no “theme” ties (e.g., “Tabasco”)
End of tie should touch top of belt - should contain loop in which to insert small end of tie
 Carry nice portfolio containing a note pad and extra copies of your resume; carry nice pen 
Wristwatch should be dress, not sports
Use aftershave sparingly – and no cologne