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Student Activities

Students at BRCC play a vital part in the planning and implementation of student activities on campus. Members of the Student Advocates Association meet with the Director of Student Programs and Resources on a regular basis to discuss productive activities for the BRCC community. The Student Government Association also provides various resources and publishes a student newspaper to keep you informed of campus events. Some of the activities BRCC offers include:

Advisors Informational Meeting
AIDS Awareness
Breast Cancer Awareness
Fall Fest
Health Fair
Homecoming/Spirit Week
International Week Celebration
Mr. & Ms. BRCC
SGA Guest Speakers/Lecture Series
SGA Sponsored Athletic Events

SGA Weekly Meeting
Student Leadership Academy
Veteran’s Day Program
Welcome Fest
Advisors Informational Meeting
Black History Month Celebration
Mardi Gras Mania
Safety Awareness
SGA Guest Speakers/Lecture Series
SGA Sponsored Graduation Reception
SGA Spring Elections
SGA Weekly Meeting
Spring Fling/Health Fair
Springtime Eggstravaganza
Student Leadership Academy
Student Recognition Ceremony
Big Bang
SGA Sponsored Blood Drive
Snow-Ball Give-Away