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Clubs and Organizations

Afrikids Clubs
Is a club based on humanitarian grounds. The ideal of the club is more humanitarianism. The club helps get assistance from partners, legal, and natural persons of good will; they help students with finding school supplies for their education in Africa. The club uses this money and helps every country within its means. Afikids, has limited means but rich in intention to help give African kids the field of education.

Anime & Gaming Club
The AGC enjoys playing video games and watching anime. They have weekly meetings and a steadily growing library of games, consoles and DVDs. They try to hold at least one gaming tournament during both the fall and spring semesters, and offer prizes to the winners. They also assist in various events on campus, and are willing to help with events for other clubs.

BRCC Alumni Association
Advances the welfare of the College and its alumni by engaging alumni in the life of the college; fostering and strengthening the connections between and among alumni, students and the rest of the College community; and inspiring in alumni and students a life-long sense of loyalty toward, pride in, and support of Baton Rouge Community College.

BRCC Today
The BRCC Today is the college wide student newsletter. The newsletter contains articles of college and community interest. Editor and writer positions are available for on campus and off-campus events.

Future Educators
The future Educators club is a Baton Rouge Community College organization for students interested in majoring in teacher education. During the semester students do community service in the schools. Also, education majors hear speakers on education topics as well as transfer issues at club meeting once a month

The Campus Activities Board was established to include BRCC students in the planning and implementation of student activities and campus life. All BRCC students are invited to become an active member of this exhilarating organization.

Computer Science Club
If you are considering a Computer Science related degree or if you haven’t decided on a degree, we can help. Enjoy working with electronic devices and video game while learning something new everyday. Being apart of Computer Science club involves analytical thinking, critical thinking, detail-oriented, creative design, theoretical, technical, and most important patience.

C.R.A.S.H. Club
The purpose of the Campus Resistance Against Smoking Habits Club also known as the “C.R.A.S.H.” Club, is to identify smoking habits of the students at BRCC and bring education about smoking to promote and improve the health of students.  CRASH Club members serve their school and community by promoting awareness about tobacco related health problems and educating their peers on healthy lifestyle choices.

French Club
Anyone can join you don’t have to speak French. Members participate in activities involving the cultures of France and Francophone (French-speaking) areas, including Louisiana. We participate in campus events, such as Fall Fest and International Day. The French Club also works together with other clubs for involvement in a variety of projects. The club meets every two weeks, in addition to activities and travel, we welcome you to join.

Gospel Choir
The Gospel Choir is about bringing all voices of diversity   Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Brass, Baritone and All in between. They need your voice to join in and help them sing! As they give Honor to God our Creator they shall do so.

Hip Hop Coalition
Is the diverse culture of music, dance, and style. Hip Hop Coalition offers teaching and learning of all forms of dance from any ethnicity. The club does provide community service and anyone is welcome to join.

I Too America Club
Explores its members’ personal and cultural identities as both Americans and members of distinctive ethnic groups. The club encourages its members to discuss a multitude of thought provoking questions that give a sense of cultural awareness and its impact on America.

Jazz Ensemble
Any student with a music background or an interest in music is invited to join the Notations (student club). If you play an instrument or sing, you should sign up for Music 144. Instruments are provided for those who don’t own one. You will be expected to perform with the ensemble for concerts and campus events. Members receive shirts with logo. The class meets at 12:00 noon on Tuesday.

Library Club
The Library club is a service organization designed to promote library awareness and expand cultural and social awareness through literary subjects. The club also provides an avenue for students to promote and improve the campus library facilities.

Math Club
The math club is an organization seared toward opening minds, eyes, and attaining goals through mathematical achievement.

Phi Theta Kappa With almost 100 years of history, Phi Theta Kappa is the largest honor society in America with over 1.3 million members and 1100 around the globe. Phi Theta Kappa has been recognized as the official honor society for two year colleges, and serves to recognize and encourage the academic achievement of two year colleges.

The PTEC Club is for all students who are interested in Process Technology. The organization provides an avenue for students interested in a rigorous study of the common operating process found in petro-chemical plants and will prepare the student to enter the employment market as a process entry level operator.

Self Esteem Club
A nonprofit organization that completes 40 hours in community service with various organizations including the American Cancer Society, CDC, and the Baton Rouge Tornadoes Youth Organization each semester.

BRCC Student Nurses Association

The BRCC Student Nurses Association is a organization for pre-nursing and nursing students currently enrolled at Baton Rouge Community College. Our goal is to bring together and mentor students preparing for the professional role of a registered nurse. We also want to promote the development of the skills that students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession.

Student Government Association (SGA)
The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the student body at Baton Rouge Community College.  The SGA works collaboratively with the Campus Activity Board, and SPAR staff.  SGA functions as an essential link between students and administration and also is an advocate for services, programs, and activities that meet student needs, concerns, and interests.  All students enrolled at Baton Rouge Community College are a member of the Student Government Association.

The 25 Plus Society was established to foster a network for non-traditional students 25 years and older. This organization promotes unity and support for the overall success of its members.

The Veterans club was established to offer networking opportunities for students in active duty, reserves and those discharged from military service. Students who are interested in joining the armed forces are also welcomed.

Art Club- The Art Club’s purpose is to get both art and non-art students involved in the exploration of art through ongoing educational programs that include seminars, literary events, art exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances. The Art Club also promotes the appreciation and practice of the visual arts both on campus and in the community.


Christian Student Association- The Christian Student Association (CSA) is a Christ centered and bible based student service club. Club activities such as weekly bible studies, prayer at the pole and campus outreach ministries are important parts of the club's mission.


Construction Management Club-To help Construction Management students network more effectively with instructors and students here at BRCC, and with leaders within the construction industry.


Creative Writing Club- Is a fun, loving and creative club who are basically trying to connect with other writers at BRCC for the sole purpose of helping each other grow and improve our individual crafts.

Green Bears (STEM)- The mission of this club is to support green, environmental-friendly and sustainable practices and education in the city of Baton Rouge and on the campus of BRCC. We organize field trips that allow the members of the organization to learn and create a connection with Louisiana’s natural areas, as a way of fostering the protection of these areas in our state. In addition we are involved in activities on campus that promote sustainability

Graphic Design-The Graphic Design Student Organization is a club that works as an in house design firm at BRCC. This will allow an outlet for graphic design students to come together to work on graphic design projects to gain professional experience.  We talk about current trends in graphic design and how to professionally work on projects.

International Club-The International Students Club gives students an opportunity to make them aware of the world around them.  This club gives students a chance to experience different cultures and traditions.  The International Students Club ignites a hunger to be part of the bigger picture, and to see what awaits you in the world.  In the International students club students participate in activities such as: cooking classes, dance lessons, informative lectures, field trips, cultural based programs; they are very involved in cultural projects available in the community.


KBD-The BRCC Business Club/KBD is for all students who wish to gain an edge in the working world.  It is open to any BRCC student regardless of major, and is intended to strengthen the business skills, leadership abilities and networking opportunities of members.


Poetry-The BRCC Poetry Club gives students an opportunity to write, read, and publish their poetry. We offer poetry instruction, we plan and perform readings on campus, and ultimately, we connect students to the creative writing community at large.


Process Technology Club (PTEC) - The PTEC Club is for all students who are interested in Process Technology.  The organization provides an avenue for students interested in studying the common operating process found in petro-chemical plants to network with each other and local industry representatives.  The club offers both social and service activities to promote student awareness of the responsibilities of an entry level process operator.


Production Assistance Club-The production assistance club allows members to gain experience as Production Assistants while helping with various events held at the college. Members should have an interest in film, television, and entertainment media.

Sigma Kappa Delta- Sigma Kappa Delta is the national English honor society for two-year colleges.  While students do not have to be English majors to join SKD, prospective members must have at least a 3.3 overall GPA, 12 hours of college credit, and a "B" average in college-level English courses.  The Sigma Gamma Chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta welcomes eligible, active new members who are interested in performing service (on campus and off) and in getting to know fellow students and faculty members who share a love of literature and the English language.

Spanish Club-The Spanish Club's purpose is to acquaint student members with different aspects of the Spanish culture and to improve their language skills, as well as create in them civic responsibility toward the local community.