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Why hire me?
Top Ten Resons to Hire Me
Conducting an effective job search is difficult to do without knowing your career interests and the related knowledge and skills you possess. Determining your "Top 10 Personality Characteristics and Skills” can assist you in better understanding what you have to offer an employer!
It includes both personality characteristics and skills. Personality characteristics include being self-motivated, organized, attentive to detail, goal-oriented, etc. Skills relate to your ability to work with data, people, or things, such as providing customer service, organizing activities, coordinating tasks, managing employees, etc.
Your "Top 10" list can be used to guide your thinking in developing a resume or cover letter, or in preparing to interview with a particular employer.
Step 1 -
Focus on the personality characteristics and skills you enjoy using and/or do well. To help you do this, think of what your work supervisors have complimented you on. Think about tasks or roles you particularly enjoyed and draw from many experiences – employment, internships, volunteer experiences, leadership roles in student or other organizations.
Step 2 - 
After each characteristic or skill, make sure to list one or more examples of how you successfully applied it. This technique can help you prepare for a type of interviewing known as behavioral interviewing – where employers may ask you to describe a specific skill in the context of actually utilizing it. For example, an employer might ask “Could you give me an example of how you successfully applied your communication skills?” Thinking of examples NOW will help you answer such questions LATER. 
Step 3 - 
Prioritize the list by recording the most important items first.
Sample Top 10 Categories and Descriptions
Following are categories you can include in your "Top 10” list. NOTE: Each category should have two to three sentences of explanation. Don’t just list - EXPLAIN!
1. Career Interest: Explain your career focus/goal and how this position helps you meet that focus/goal.
2. College Preparation: Explain why you chose your major and also explain the coursework completed that is relevant to the position. Also include your current status in college. 
3. Course Enrichment: Highlight significant class projects that utilize skills related to the position. Include any relevant skills you may have developed while completing these projects.
4. Interpersonal Skills: Highlight significant leadership/management and communication experiences. 
5. Teamwork: Explain examples of your ability to work in a team. Class projects? Work? Student organizations?
6. Communication Skills: Emphasize both your written and oral communication skills. Written documents submitted for class assignments related to your career field as well as outlines of presentations you have delivered can be used.
7. Organizational Skills: Explain any projects or activities that demonstrate excellent organizational skills.
8. Determination: Describe a major obstacle you have encountered in your education or work experience, and explain how you successfully overcame it. 
9. Dependability: Illustrate your consistency/reliability either in school or work. Past performance reviews, lengthy duration of employment, or outstanding class attendance could be referenced here.
10. Professional Development: Explain your involvement in organizations related to your degree or activities that have increased your level of professionalism. Also, stay abreast of the current developments in your field and be able to discuss on an interview.
NOTE: Remember that your “Top 10” list will change over time. Although some items may stay the same, you will inevitably develop additional skills and characteristics to include in your "Top 10." Keep your list current!