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To serve, inform, educate, represent

To Serve:
SGA is just that, a student government. The aim is to serve the student body. To do so, SGA works to accomplish desires of the student body, from things around campus, to distributing contingency money to various on-campus organizations so they can achieve their own goals.

To Inform:
An important function of any governmental body is to inform those they represent. We try to keep the BRCC community informed, often through meetings and social media, on changes within SGA but also within BRCC. A knowledgeable student body is a better represented student body.

To Educate:
BRCC is first and foremost an educational institution. SGA only desires to further the focus on academics. This is achieved by working with Administration and the student body to get the focus placed on academic rigor to make BRCC a competitive institution.

To Represent:
The goal of SGA is to accurately represent the desires of the BRCC’s Student Body within the school, state and nation.

SGA serves, informs, educates and represents in order to 'Be the Change.'