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M-Th: 8am-5pm and Friday: 8am-4:30pm
Walk-Ins accepted, but you can make an appointment by calling 225-216-8447


Director of the Career Center - 225-216-8244
Assistant Director, Workforce Readiness - 225-216-8441
Manager of Internships - 225-216-8757

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Mission Statement

The Career Center supports BRCC’s students, alumni, and academic programs by providing career assessment, counseling, planning along with career and job resources. We also assist employers in finding and recruiting BRCC students and graduates for employment opportunities. The Career Center recognizes and follows these principles:

  • Career development is a lifelong process that combines self-awareness, knowledge of the changing workplace, and the ability to effectively obtain and keep employment and successfully navigate the ever-changing workplace.
  • Career development is a part of the total educational experience and the Career Center will support this experience by providing services and information from the pre-enrollment phase all the way through the educational process and beyond graduation.
  • The Career Center will work to establish and maintain positive partnerships within the academic and employment community, building career opportunities at every level.
  • The Career Center staff will strive to provide in person and virtual career services following professional guidelines recommended by National Association of Colleges and Employers NACE - Principles for Professional Practice