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A transfer student is a student who has been previously enrolled at any college or university. If you have less than 12 credit hours in college level courses, please apply as a First Time student. However, you are still required to submit your transcript to the Office of Enrollment Services. Find our transfer student checklist here.

Step 1: Admissions application

Submit your admissions application online.

Step 2:  Submit Application Fee

Each applicant must submit a non-refundable $10.00 application fee.  This can be paid online or in person at our Bursar’s Office.

Step 3: Submit college transcripts
Submit an official unopened copy of transcripts from every college or university attended.  Students are encouraged to request that their transcript be sent electronically to BRCC from those colleges that participate in the eScript system. Unofficial transcripts may be used for advising purposes only. Our transfer credit policy can be found on page 21 in the online catalog.


Step 4: Submit proof of immunization
Submit proof of immunization compliance if born after 1956. Click to download the compliance form.

Step 5:  Submit proof of registration with selective service
Submit proof of registration with military selective service for male applicants between the ages of 18 and 25 (in compliance with State Law R.S. 17:3151). Register now with selective services at


Step 6: Placement Assessment
The COMPASS Placement Assessment is required in English and math if the applicant has not completed college-level English and math courses with a ‘C’ or better. The placement test is administered in the Testing Center which is located in the Center for Academic Success in the Magnolia Building.